Service Highlights



Audio: Studio time is available for you to record your audio with us. Bring your own instruments or use ours.

Selected Video: Bring us questions and concerns about your video project and see how we can make it easier for you!


Artist Development: We know how difficult it is to develop a musical career.  We want to help you find your niche and reach your potential.

Consulting & Representation: Do you have a passion for your art but don’t know how to get started? The most important step on any journey is the very first one.

Engineering & Design

Audio Engineering: Mixing, EQ, and mastering with taste is complicated! Let us take that burden off of your shoulders and provide precision engineering for your project.

Sound Design: Do you need a specific sound for a project or is your video missing that important effect to make it come to life?  We will create a sound or layers of sound to help your audience feel the presence of the scene.