Audio Engineering

Mixing, EQ, and mastering with taste is complicated! Let us take that burden off of your shoulders and provide precision engineering for your project.

Custom Music Composition

Need a jingle or background music for your presentation, film, or commercial? Let us write a piece for you that will precisely capture the feeling you want to convey.

Sound Design – Foley – ADR

Do you need a specific sound for a project or is your video missing that important effect to make it come to life?  We will create a sound or layers of sound to help your audience feel the presence of the scene.



Studio time is available for you to record your audio with us. Bring your own instruments or use ours.

Martin (6 and 12 string)
Fender (Strat, P-Bass and Squire Bass)
Les Paul Studio
Ibanez 6 string
Hohner Banjo

Roland Fantom X8 Digital Workstation with sampling
Fender Rhodes

Custom-built Bello acoustic
Alesis electronic drums. 

Microphones and Preamps
We have a nice selection of professional microphones and can record at rates up to 96kbps using high quality MOTU D/A conversion and a custom built water cooled state of the art computer.

Selected Video Services

Bring us questions and concerns about your video project and see how we can make it easier for you!



Our in-house vocal talent can provide lively, expressive narration to any project.


Our studio can produce high-quality podcasts and take the headache and busy work of editing and publishing out of the way of you talking about your passion! Your guest could be around the corner or around the world - we can still make it seem like the conversation took place in your living room. learn more


Artist Development

We know how difficult it is to develop a musical career.  We want to help you find your niche and reach your potential.  This can be done through recording and distributing your art through multiple mediums as well as finding performance venues to generate revenue.

Consulting & Representation

Do you have a passion for your art but don’t know how to get started? The most important step on any journey is the very first one. Let’s explore together what possibilities are available to get your work out into the world. → learn more


Equipment Evaluation & Sales

We want to help your equipment sound the best that it possibly can! We can fine-tune your setup to minimize noise and feedback while maximizing output quality. If needed, we can also recommend additional or replacement equipment to help your space sing just like it should.